Have your say!

Have your say!

Sent on behalf of the FORAS Working Group

As a result of a motion passed at the FORAS AGM in June, a working group has been established to review the ‘FORAS: A New Vision’ document and recommend changes and improvements to be made in the running of the Trust. This work has no link to the potential takeover of the club by Grovemoor, and is being conducted as a result of the motion passed at the last AGM.

The working group comprises of board member John Paul Clifford as well as FORAS volunteers Tadhg Daly, Noel Dempsey, Brian Fitzgerald, Colin Kavanagh, Joe Leogue, Seán Ó Conaill, and Niamh O’Mahony.

As part of this work, an online survey has been launched to gauge views from across the Cork City FC community on a range of topics, and a series of online Focus Groups will seek to expand on the feedback received in the coming weeks.

The survey is a short series of questions, many with multiple choice answers - but there is also space for supporters to share further thoughts. All input will be taken on board and considered as the trust shapes its medium-term plans.

Click here to access to non-FORAS survey:

At an appropriate time following the online Focus Groups, the working group will organise a ‘Town Hall’ style meeting at which proposed motions and recommendations will be presented to FORAS members for further consideration and feedback.

This meeting will afford members the opportunity to hear proposed motions, the thinking behind them, and a chance to give their views on any further suggestions they might have. An EGM of the Trust will then be called at a later date to vote on any motions arising from this consultation process.

The process has been designed to put members and Cork City supporters at the centre of decision making on the future of our Trust which currently runs our club.

So have your say, get involved, and make sure FORAS is a Trust that represents the diverse Cork City FC community.

Sent on behalf of the FORAS Working Group

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