Volunteers Wanted for Bishopstown Clean-up

The club is looking for volunteers for a clean-up at the training ground in Bishopstown next Sunday from 12 to 6.

The training ground will also serve as an administrative base and meeting location for the club, so we are looking for supporters to volunteer their time and expertise to assist us in tidying up the facility.

While a general clean-up will take place, there are a number of tasks which will require expertise, and the club is keen that these tasks are only carried out by persons qualified to do so.

The following is a list of tasks which currently require action:

1. Rubbish Cleanup: A general clean-up will take place, and we will require a supply of refuse and recycling bags, but most importantly we will need two large skips. If there are any supporters who may be able to assist with this, we would ask them to contact us.

2. Gravel: Some repair work is required to the entrance and car-park, and we are in need of gravel to complete this work.

3. Supplies for the playing pitch: Compost, fertilizer ( 10-10-20 ) and even a hand pushed fertilizer spreader are all needed. Any supporter or supplier who may be able to assist with sourcing supplies is asked to contact the club.

4. The roof gutter: We are looking for supporters with the necessary roofing skills to do some work on the gutter to divert rain water into a water tank. This will result in substantial savings in water costs.

5. Postbox: A suitable and secure postbox needs to be installed.

6. Welding: A number of full size and five-a-side goals posts need welding, these are very important for obvious reasons.

7. Doors: A number of doors on the premises need to be replaced or permanently blocked up. Any supporters with the necessary expertise are asked to get in touch.

It is important that people bring gloves cleaning supplies, and that only qualified people do the specialised tasks listed above. If you can assist us with any of the above tasks, please contact us on [email protected]

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