CCFC V DCFC Live Updates

We will have live updates for tonight’s league clash between Cork City and Derry City.

Kick off is at 7.45pm.

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21:39:072-2All over here at Turners Cross! Healy just had a great free kick tipped over the bar but there was no time for a corner. Decent result all considering21:37:242-2YELLOW CARD! McDaid hacks down Duggan as he drives towards the penalty area. City free21:34:532-23 minutes injury time. City free21:34:052-2YELLOW CARD! Derry number 10 McEleney is booked for hacking down Danny Murphy. Not a wise move by the Derry man…21:32:522-2Derry fire a free over the top, can City grab a third?21:29:592-2GOAL CORK CITY!!! Shane Duggan draws the home side level!21:28:131-2CHANCE! Derry almost restore their two goal lead but it goes wide, very close though!21:26:561-2SUB: Neal Horgan is on to replace number 6 Gearoid Morrissey. Nice to see him back on the pitch!21:26:121-2GOAL CORK CITY! Vinny Sullivan slots home past Doherty, great knock down from Purcell to set it up!21:24:510-22775 is the official attendance here at Turners Cross tonight, great turn out21:22:500-2Corner hastily cleared. City on the attack again.21:21:550-2City corner21:21:090-2Yet again City fail to make anything from a corner21:20:520-2SAVE! Doherty tips a lovely curling effort from Horgan past the post21:19:530-2YELLOW CARD! Gerard Doherty is finally booked in the Derry goal for time wasting.21:19:180-2Purcell shoots narrowly wide from the edge of the box, close one!21:19:010-2Cries of handball as Purcell has a shot blocked again21:17:230-2Corner is gathered easily by the Derry keeper21:17:040-2CHANCE! Doherty makes a double save, putting Turners shot out for a City corner21:15:270-2SUB: Number 30 Stephen Kenny replaces Gavin Kavanagh for Cork City21:15:010-2Sullivan scuffs his half volley over the bar21:14:100-2CHANCE! City caught on the hop at the back at numbe r9 McDaid has a shot saved by McNulty. City break21:12:050-2Shouts for handball as Morrissey fires goalwards but it’s blocked21:11:220-2Derry seem to have regained their composure but City are breaking with pace now.21:07:480-2CHANCE! Purcell has a header saved by Doherty. Derry under pressure.21:07:080-2SUB: Derry City’s Eddie McCallion replaces number 19 Owen Morrison21:06:260-2City putting the away side under pressure now, with their back 4 looking shaky after that red card21:04:490-2Number 5 Greacen went in high on Purcell, with the City striker taking studs into the ribs from the Derry man.21:04:050-2RED CARD! Greacen is off for Derry. A second yellow sees the centre back going for an early shower.21:02:130-2City look more threatening up front with a lively Tadhg Purcell trying to get on the end of things21:01:080-2Corner Derry City21:01:000-2Free to Derry. Debatable to say the least.20:58:220-2SUB: Davin O’Neill makes way for number 14 Tadhg Purcell20:56:120-2Tadgh Purcell seems to be getting ready to come on and save the day!20:54:490-2Poor passing again from City, seems to be little urgency there20:51:520-2The free is over hit and drifts out for a goal kick to City20:51:300-2Free to Derry. Could be dangerous here.20:51:050-2The teams remain unchanged for the start of this second half, with Derry City now playing into the Shed End and Cork City facing the St Annes End with the sun in their eyes.20:49:420-2The second half is under way here at Turners Cross20:33:440-2HALF TIME. City go in 2-0 down at the break thanks to a brace from Rory Patterson of the candystripes.20:32:190-21 minute injury time20:29:470-2City are constantly failing to win the second ball20:28:210-2The Derry defence hoofs it clear under pressure. It’s sent long again by Kavanagh but only goes out for a goal kick.20:27:430-2Better play from City as they look to use their pace down the right20:25:590-2A shot comes in but McNulty holds at the second attempt.20:25:360-2SAVE! McNulty does well to keep out Patterson at his near post. Corner Derry.20:25:120-2CHANCE! Turner bursts through the Derry central midfield at pace, under pressure from covering defenders, the number 2 sends a tame shot towards Doherty who saves easily.20:23:260-2Yellow card for goalscorer Patterson. He catches McNulty late as the City stopper gathered in a loose ball. Perhaps a little harsh but it was late.20:21:580-2The corner results in a Derry goal kick20:21:250-2CHANCE! Turner tries to chip Doherty at his near post, but the keeper manages to tip it over. Good effort from Turner.20:19:220-2McNulty gathers a Derry free as City look to break20:18:230-2Yellow card for Colin Healy. A late tackle sees him go in the book. Perhaps a warning would have sufficed…20:17:230-2City running out of ideas already it seems, literally…Sullivan runs out over the side line with the ball for a Derry throw in20:14:240-2Poor passing again from Cork City hands Derry back possession20:11:060-2Kavanagh manages to clear from a McLaughlin centre20:10:390-2Derry break with pace20:10:170-2Corner again to City! Morrissey volleys it goalwards but it’s deflected out again.20:09:440-2City corner! Good work from Horgan down the left wing.20:09:180-2GREAT CHANCE! Turner puts Sullivan through but his shot is saved by Doherty. O’Neill scuffs the rebound as it goes wide.20:07:440-2GOAL! Number 11 Patterson strikes again for Derry20:06:560-1Great run by Turner sees the ball drop to Horgan just at the edge of the Derry penalty area, he scuffs his shot though and it goes wide for a goal kick.20:05:310-1Some very sloppy passing in the centre of the pitch from Cork City is allowing Derry to pick up the loose balls and come forward with real attacking intent.20:04:310-1Patterson is adjudged to have nudged Spillane as he was just about to get through on goal Free to the home side.20:03:030-1Goal kick Derry20:02:540-1Some nice play down the right from Healy and Turner puts the Derry defence under pressure.20:02:010-1SAVE! Ian Turner is in on goal but has the defender breathing down his neck, his shot is well saved by Doherty at his near post. It’s cleared away by the Derry defence.20:00:580-1Sullivan again caught offside as Derry look to be playing a high line, could be a dangerous tactic if City can exploit this with pace.20:00:060-1City struggling to get a foothold in this game so far19:59:180-1A shot from Daryl Horgan from the right of the penalty area sails harmlessly wide19:58:430-1Yellow card awarded to Greacen for a rough tackle in the centre of the park on Horgan19:58:020-1Slack defending allowed Pattersoon to pick up a quick 1-2 before coolly slotting past McNulty.19:57:040-1Number 11 Rory Patterson puts the away team in front after some nice play19:54:590-0McNulty almost caught out when he tried to be too clever with a back pass. Lucky to get away with it and cleared it for a throw in19:54:260-0Derry having the lions share of the possesion19:53:400-0Cleared by Turner, before it was swung in again, a header from Derry CB Greacen drifts harmlessly wide.19:52:500-0The first corner of the game goes to Derry19:52:240-0Free kick to Derry some 40 yards out19:48:030-0The first offside of the match comes courtesy of Vinny Sullivan19:47:060-0And we’re off at a sun soaked Turners Cross!19:19:480-0Derry City 1 Gerard Doherty 3 Dermot McCaffrey 5 Stewart Greacen 7 Ruaidhri Higgins 9 David McDaid 10 Patrick McEleney 11 Rory Patterson 12 Ryan McBride 15 Stephen McLaughlin 17 Simon Madden 19 Owen Morrison SUBSTITUTES 2 Eddie McCallion 22 Eugene Ferry 23 Ryan Curran 24 Michael Barr 25 Barry McNamee 26 Tony McNamee 26 Matthew Henry19:19:390-0CORK CITY 1 Mark McNulty 2 Ian Turner 3 Danny Murphy 5 Gavin Kavanagh 6 Gearoid Morrissey 7 Colin Healy (C) 8 Shane Duggan 9 Davin O’Neill 10 Vinny Sullivan 18 Kalen Spillane 23 Daryl Horgan SUBSTITUTES 14 Tadhg Purcell 19 Cathal Lordan 20 Andy O’Connell 21 Kevin Murray 22 Neal Horgan 25 Kevin Burns 30 Stephen Kenny

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