Upcoming MatchCork City – Midleton/22/03/2019/Turner's Cross
Upcoming MatchCork City – Midleton/22/03/2019/Turner's Cross

Supporter Liaison Officer


The Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) is the first point of contact for any supporter that wishes to raise an issue with the club.

The SLO reports directly to the Board of Management through their designated point of contact on the Board and they shall be granted the necessary powers and independence by the Board to perform their duties.

The SLO will be on the same hierarchy level as the club’s Safety & Security Officer(s), and will work in close co-operation with the Safety & Security Officer(s) as well as the club’s CEO – particularly on match nights. However, overall responsibility for the health and safety of supporters on Match Night remains with the Event Controller.

The SLO should not be employed by the club in any capacity beyond the Supporter Liaison Officer role. If such a situation occurs, the Board must appoint an SLO that is not employed by the club within six months of the situation arising.

The SLO must be independent of the Board of Management, any official club role outside of the SLO and any League of Ireland supporters’ organisation.

The SLO’s views are expressed as a body independent of the club unless specifically stated as a club policy or viewpoint.

The appointment of an SLO shall last for an entire licensing period (i.e. one year), after which the SLO should meet with the Board and review the previous year. Should an SLO need to step side mid-appointment, at least one full month’s notice is desirable.

Role Description

The SLO’s key function is to ensure that the comfort, health and safety of all supporters is a primary concern of the club at all times as well as the maintenance of the communication between supporters group(s), club(s) and all football associations.

These duties include but are not limited to:

– The SLO will ensure that the voice of supporters is heard in relation to all club matters and decisions, in particular those affecting supporters directly in any way, particularly in relation to match nights.

–  The SLO must be consulted on all club decisions in relation to supporter control, support and management. Additionally, the SLO – like all stakeholders – should be asked to be present at all Safety and Security meetings where appropriate.

– The SLO is responsible for ensuring that every supporter has the opportunity to contact an authorised club representative with regard to supporter matters and raise any concerns that they may have.

–  The SLO should be allowed to facilitate and encourage regular contact and communication between the club and its supporters, and help to foster this relationship. The SLO should also be considered an intermediary in disputes between any supporters group and other stakeholders.

–  The SLO role must be allowed to facilitate, promote and increase the involvement of supporters and the club in community and social projects. The SLO must be allowed operate in conjunction with a club or other stakeholder official representative in relation to community and social matters.

The club’s responsibilities

The task of the club is to support the SLO in every respect and to ensure the SLO can successfully manage all the tasks under this description.

–  The SLO must be included in the club’s organisational chart

–  The SLO is answerable to the Board of Management

–  The SLO should report to the Board of Management about their work at least every six months

–  The Board should hear the SLO on all matters relating to supporters and grant them a right of address

–  The club and Board must give support and assistance to the SLO when required – particularly in relation to contacting and dealing with external institutions, organisations, individuals and other League of Ireland clubs.

–  Reasonable access, via the club office, to the players and management on occasion, where requirements are detailed well in advance and have been discussed with the designed Board contact.



– Use of club infrastructure, including meeting areas, technical equipment and any reasonable and necessary provisions required to operate in the role. This should include an official club email address and scope to include editorial pieces in the Match Night programme, on the club’s website and social media platforms.

– The SLO should be included on the away officials gate if travelling away from home

– The SLO should be consulted about and supplied with an item of clothing that will identify them as the club’s SLO.

For more contact SLO@corkcityfc.ie

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