2021 Season Card: Frequently Asked Questions

2021 Season Card: Frequently Asked Questions
We would like to thank everyone who has responded positively to our 2021 Season Card offer. There have been a number of queries from supporters in relation to aspects of the offer, so we have compiled these below. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the club via email to

2021 Season Card Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What access will I have to streaming of games?
    • Everyone who signs up to the Season Card will be given access to the LOI TV service. Full details of this service are due to be announced by the FAI imminently. In the event of the FAI withdrawing this service, Cork City FC will provide, at minimum, access to a stream of home games for all Season Card holders.
  1. How are the unspent funds calculated?
    • The cost of the LOITV streaming pass (price €79) will be deducted from the value of your Season Card package. For each game you attend, the cost of a ticket for that match, e.g. €15 for an adult, will be deducted. The balance at the end of the season will be the package cost minus cost of streaming, minus the price of any matches you have attended.
  1. If I received a discount as a 2020 Season Ticket holder, how will the balance be calculated?
    • The balance will be calculated from the full price of the package, meaning you get full value for your discount added on to your unspent funds if applicable.
  1. How will I be able to use my unspent balance in the club shop?
    • Following the end of the season, your balance will be calculated and you will be issued with a gift card for the shop to that balance. This gift card will be sent to the email address used during your sign-up for a season card and can be redeemed in store (subject to shop opening) or online.
  1. I have had a reserved seat for a number of years, why do I not have option to reserve my seat again?
    • Due to social distancing measures, we cannot guarantee access to your seat at any point, even if crowds are permitted to attend. However, we undertake to all 2020 Season Ticket holders not to sell your seat to anyone else without first giving you the option to renew it.
  1. How will I know if I am able to attend matches or eligible to apply to attend matches?
    • This will be communicated to 2021 Season Card holders via email and also advertised on club website and social media channels.
  1. I am a 2020 Season Ticket holder and didn’t get a discount code via email.

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