Club Statement: Damage to Seating

Club Statement: Damage to Seating
Cork City FC wish to bring to the attention of supporters that there has been damage caused to a considerable number of seats in Section T in the stadium at our first two home games this season.

As a result of this, the Munster Football Association have had to replace a number of seats in the section, at a significant cost, which has been passed on to the club.

Having reviewed footage of the area in question, it is believed that the damage has been caused by supporters persistently standing on and jumping on seats.

In particular, the club would like to acknowledge that this area of the ground is where much of the atmosphere in the stadium is generated, and we do not want to have to intervene to prevent future damage.

The club is asking that supporters respect the stadium by taking care not to cause damage going forward. It is our preference that this is done by supporters themselves, without the club needing to intervene.

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