Cork City FC Looks to Expand on Business Connections

Cork City FC Looks to Expand on Business Connections

Cork City FC is hoping to develop strong connections with the local business community as they look to grow and expand further.  The club, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, is offering businesses an opportunity to build their brand as well as become part of the clubs community projects. 

Cork City FC has established good relationships with some leading organisations including Zeus Packaging, UCC, Bons Secours Hospital and Johnson & Perrott Motor Dealership, among others.  The club, which is owned by Dermot Usher, is eager to build new relationships and has launched a number of initiatives aimed at the corporate sector. 

Anthony OSullivan is Commercial Director of Cork City FC; We really appreciate all the support weve received over the years and we want to open our doors to other businesses to come on board.  We are expecting to have a number of events in 2024 to mark the 40th anniversary of the club so it would be a fantastic opportunity for businesses supporting us to raise their own brand in Cork.  Bringing more businesses on board will mean that we can further expand our offerings such as The Corky Camps and the Junior Academy as well as the Womens Teams which have attracted a significant increase in interest from the public in recent years. 

Cork City FC has been organising a number of community projects such as the Monday Morning Memories and a football numeracy programme for schools.  The club also appointed  its first ever Football & Social Responsibility Officer last year.  Conor McKahey is working with groups who may not have easy access to football including those with a disability, schools in disadvantaged areas and pensioners.   

Cork City FC hosted a breakfast briefing for sponsors recently and Lord Mayor Cllr Kieran McCarthy spoke at the event about the important role the club has in the city by bringing people together. 

Investment in Cork City FC is more than just an investment in the club itself.  We have to look at how many young people have been inspired by the players over the years and how communities come together to celebrate the clubs successes.  The population of Cork City is expanding and sport is a great way of uniting people and its something that we, as a city, need to support. 

Sponsorship opportunities are open throughout the year and anyone who is interested in getting involved can email 

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