FORAS Working Group Update

FORAS Working Group Update

The FORAS Working Group - established following a vote by members at the last AGM - continues to work towards drafting a series of motions that will champion City supporters’ ideas for the future of our Trust.

An online survey on a variety of issues provided opinions from a number of City supporters - both in FORAS and from those who are not members - on the current state of the Trust.

Some of the FORAS members and City supporters surveyed took part in online focus groups, as did former Board of Management members, club staff, and a former player.

The Working Group has met frequently online since it was established in the summer, and will now consider the feedback coming from all City supporters.

The next phase of its work is to draft potential motions that will, if passed, introduce rule changes and policies that will chart FORAS’ direction reflecting the will of City supporters.

Drafts of these proposed motions will be brought before City supporters in a Town Hall-style meeting after the upcoming AGM, where the merits of each will be openly scrutinised and discussed.

The Working Group will then take the feedback from this meeting and, if necessary, amend the motions to confirm that these proposals correspond with the will of the membership as best as possible.

These motions will then be brought before an EGM where FORAS members will have a final say on whether the proposals are adopted and help shape the future of the Trust.

The working group is made up of board member John Paul Clifford as well as FORAS volunteers Tadhg Daly, Noel Dempsey, Brian Fitzgerald, Colin Kavanagh, Joe Leogue, Seán Ó Conaill, and Niamh O’Mahony.

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