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Parking information for supporters attending Play-Off

Parking information for supporters attending Play-Off

Ahead of tomorrow’s play-off final against Waterford in Tallaght, we ask supporters to be aware of the below with regard to match parking.

All cars travelling to the game must park at Level 3 of the Square Shopping Centre car park, which is a three minute walk from Tallaght Stadium. Please adhere to the pedestrian lights when crossing the dual carriageway that runs beside. 

There is strictly no parking on N81 or roads surrounding the stadium. Any cars found to be parking illegally in these areas will be dealt with by Gardai.

Parking prices for the Square can be found in the image below.

Bus parking will be arranged separately, and those running buses are asked to contact the club’s Supporter Liaison Officer, Eoin McCarthy, if they have not already done so, in order to make arrangements.

Access to the stadium for Cork City fans will be via Turnstile Block 1 for those travelling by car and Turnstile Block 6 for those travelling by bus.

Tickets for the City end are selling well, so a large crowd is expected. Everyone at the club once again thanks you for your incredible support, and we can’t wait to hear the Rebel Army in full voice tomorrow evening. Safe travel to all supporters that are making the trip!


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