Shop Opening Hours for December

Shop Opening Hours for December

We're delighted to confirm the CCFC Shop opening hours for December and early January. You can also shop online but please be aware of the final cut-off dates to ensure delivery before December 25th!

Dates Time
5-6 December 10am to 6pm
8-9 December 10am to 7pm
10 December 10am to 6pm
11 December 12pm to 6pm
12-13 December 10am to 6pm
14-17 December 10am to 7pm
18 December 11am to 6pm
19-23 December 9.30am to 8pm
24 December 9.30am to 3.30pm
25-26 December Closed
27 December 12pm to 5pm
28 December 10pm to 5pm
29-30 December 10pm to 6pm
31 December 10pm to 5pm
1 January Closed
2 January 12pm to 5pm

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