Community Notice Board – Help YOUR Club has launched it’s very own Community Notice Board section.

It can be found under the “FORAS” heading on the main website navigation bar.

In this section we hope to utilise the community of members and supporters for the betterment of the Club they now own.

As a result of a previous news item on this website there has been a successful clean up day at Bishopstown. Many of the Jobs that needed to be done were done free of charge, some services and materials were sourced free of charge or at a discount, and all because of the club making use of its own Community.

With that in mind this section has been set up, and will contain information on work and services the Club needs to function, particularly with regards to the training ground in Bishopstown, and occasionally on other aspects of running a successful community based Football Club.

At the moment there are a number of things needed to bring Bishopstown up to standard, not just for the playing staff, but for the administration staff who will be using the offices there as a permanent home. It is hoped that the various committees responsible for running the club and of course the board of management will also have their weekly meetings there too so there is a lot of work to be done. Below is a list of current tasks, if you have any expertise in the required area or know someone that can help out, please contact the offices at [email protected], or call out to Bishopstown during office Hours.

Windows and Doors. Double Fire doors at both ends of the building need replacing for both safety and security. Also a number of windows need replacing; it may only require glass replacement in some.

Flooring, Plastering and Painting. This is needed for a large meeting area, for various meetings of staff, committees and playing squad.

Outside Areas: The pitch needs to be vertidrained to ensure a flat surface. A number of mounds of topsoil need to be flattened by a mechanical digger.

Miscellaneous: . A constant supply of compost and fertilizer is needed to ensure the best possible training surface. Some Welding is required to old goalposts.

These are just some of the issues that currently need addressing. It is hoped that as issues arise they can be added to this section. Keep checking the Community Notice Board, any help no matter how small is greatly appreciated.

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